Pcotton Cloth

  • Retained the soft touch of cotton
  • UltraViolet Protection reaches to UPF50
  • DWR10/80 Durable Water Resistant
  • 10,000mm water resistance

Pcotton cloth

Pcotton preserves the comforting touch sans

the heavy weight of cotton.

DWR10/80(Durable Water Resistant)

It can ensure an 80% water resistant effect for being washed 10 times. The low water absorption and quick dry exhibited by Pcotton can provide you the best experience.

The water resistance can reach as high as 10,000mm, nearly 5 times than general umbrellas (1000mm), and can bear heavy rain.

10,000mm water resistance

Tent Pole

The 16mm tent stakes, made of 7001 aerospace grade titanium, can support scorching and rainy weather in Taiwan as well as strong winds in the mountains.

16mm 7001

Aeronautical Aluminum Alloy

Tent Gauze/ Ventilation

The gauze wire can protect you from mosquitoes. And the tents are equipped with four doors and 10 windows. Bringing an electric fan, you can enjoy better ventilation against the sorching and humid weather.