Domestic Delivery

  1. Your order will be processed immediately after it is confirmed. You will receive the product you have purchased within 10 business days. (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)
  2. Shipping dates for pre-order products will be shown on the product page.
  3. If the product you have ordered is out of stock or if your order is not accepted due to any reasons, you will be notified within 2 days after we receive your order.
  4. Ship-to-store orders take 3 to 5 days, making the delivery time less predictable. For urgent orders, we suggest you choose home delivery services. When your package arrives at the convenience store, you will receive a text message informing you to collect the package.
  5. The delivery time during the Chinese New Year or public holidays will be indicated on our website.
  6. If the product you order is low on stock and must be transferred from other stores, our customer service staff will inform you and confirm the delivery time with you.


International Delivery

  1. All products are priced in Taiwanese dollars. When paying with an international credit card, a transaction fee, exchange rate, and reimbursement processing fee will be charged, depending on the issuing bank. If you have any questions, please contact your credit card issuer.
  2. Due to differences in each country’s regulations, additional fees such as customs duties may be charged if the product is shipped internationally. Some products may not be able to be shipped or go through customs. Therefore, we suggest that you make sure the product can be shipped to your designated country before placing an order.
  3. To meet Taiwan’s regulatory requirements, receivers based in China must provide the name of their company to accelerate delivery.
  4. To make sure the package passes through customs smoothly, the name of the receiver based in China, Hong Kong, and Macau must consist of at least two English words or two Chinese characters.