The Hill 200 is a freestanding two-person tent that features three triangular windows on each side, ensuring a cool and comfortable interior even in a compact size. Crafted from Pcotton lite fabric, its moisture-wicking and breathable properties deliver exceptional ventilation and comfort.

Pcotton Lite Cloth

  • Lightweight premium fabric, maintaining the comfortable feel of cotton
  • UltraViolet Protection reaches to UPF50
  • DWR20/80 Moisture-wicking and breathable coating
  • 3,000mm water resistance

The TiiTENT Hill 200 is crafted from innovative Pcotton lite fabric, boasting a thinner profile and exceptional moisture-wicking and breathable coating. This low-profile tent is meticulously designed to provide superior air regulation, effectively reducing humidity and heat inside. The interior of the tent features triangular mesh windows on both sides, with a cloth cover switch for more convenient air flow control.

The overall structure is supported by two crossed 11mm tent poles and a horizontal tent pole. The horizontal pole’s main function is to create a ridge-like structure, effectively preventing water accumulation at the top of the tent while enhancing its wind resistance from the front.

The design of the triangular windows on both sides of the outer tent allows users to retrieve external items directly from inside through the window. Furthermore, there is a wing design at the front door, allowing for versatile uses of the wing, the tent can transform into three or more different shapes.

Inner tents in different colors

Yellow and green outer tent paired with a white inner tent; black outer tent paired with a black inner tent.

Beautifully designed storage bag