• TiiTENT’s outdoor fire pit is easy to assemble and store, saving space.
  • It has excellent combustion efficiency and can withstand up to 25 Kg of weight.
  • It can be used with the German-made Petromax FS series cast iron grill plate.
  • It helps to stack and concentrate firewood while reducing the scattering of sparks.
  • The exclusive fire pit rack is convenient for placing small cookware such as cast iron pots, frying pans, coffee pots, and teapots.
  • Enjoy direct fire cooking while having a campfire.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
  • After use, it is recommended to apply oil for maintenance to prevent rust. Do not soak the fire pit in water when it is still hot to avoid deformation.

TiiTENT’s Fire Monster is ingeniously designed to achieve minimal geometric stacking by utilizing the size differences of its hexagonal framework. Once assembled, it becomes a well-ventilated and highly efficient burning machine that can hold a large amount of firewood. Its name, “Wood-eating Monster,” is truly deserved.

While enjoying a campfire in the outdoors, be responsible and have an attitude of environmental protection. Be a responsible fire user who cares for nature.

Beautifully designed storage bag